Altus Flutes
Paulo Gouveia

Paulo Gouveia

'Many years ago I had the chance to own a fantastic Louis Lot. It was impossible to beat it‘s beauty of sound. I have been searching for a flute with this special sound. Today the market is full of superb flutes of various manufacturers. These are often instruments with  excellent response, built with great ideas. You rarely find an instrument with real personality though, like a Lot for example.

When I tried my first ALTUS I knew straight away that this is a flute with great personality. It possesses a fantastic intonation, a wonderful mechanism and a deep and noble sound with incredible capacity for modulation. It is not a flute for professional flautists, but an instrument for the real artist.'

The Hamburg based South American Flutist Paulo Gouveia enjoys a busy career performing and teaching. He knows how to look at music from different cultural angles and to communicate this cultural background to his audience in his interpretations. He plays flute in various ensembles such as „camerata do Choro“ and organzises concerts and projects such as „South American Flutists“.

He teaches flute at Johannes Brahms Konservatorium Hamburg. For over ten years he has been guest artist at festivals all over South America and has also taught many masterclasses in Universities and Music Schools all over the continent. He also serves as adjudicator in the "Lima Flute Competition",  Peru.

Paulo Gouveia plays a gold plated ALTUS 1607