Altus Flutes

Michela Di Mento

Michela Di Mento began her musical journey at the age of 6, playing in the Banda Musicale Città di Spadafora; at 7 she started playing flute. In 2011 she was admitted at the Arcangelo Corelli Conservatory in Messina, and studied with M.Stefano Parrino and M.Salvatore Vella. After obtaining a degree with honors she moved to Antonio Vivaldi Conservatory in Alessandria, for a two-years academical course, in the class of M.Stefano Parrino.

Michela attended masterclasses of Peter-Lukas Graf, Claudi Arimany, Riccardo Ghiani, Pepe Sotorres, Wissam Boustany, Mattia Petrilli etc. She won first and second prizes in several national contest and she was in the first 15 classified in her category at the International Flute Contest Sergio Zampetti in Saronno (MI).

From 2018 to 2020 she has been part of the Orchestra Giovanile Siciliana, conducted by M.Salvatore Percacciolo. She performed with Orchestra Fiati del Conservatorio di Messina conducted by M.Lorenzo Della Fonte and other international conductors, like Yasuhude Ito and Eugene Migliaro Corporon. In 2019 she attended an orchestral stage at Corciano Festival (PG), accompanying internationally renowned soloists. In 2020/21 she performed as soloist Jacques Ibert’s Concert for Flute, with Orchestra del Conservatorio Vivaldi di Alessandria.

Michela has performed in various local events, as soloist or in chamber orchestras (flute-piano, 2 flutes-piano, flute quartet, flute-oboe, flute-clarinet-bassoon). She recently won the Premio in Musica da Camera at the International Contest N.P.Bert, with her duo flute-guitar, a project that is touring Italy, also representing Conservatorio Vivaldi.

Michela plays an ALTUS 1607 with b-foot, open holes, Inline