Altus Flutes

Michael Cox

Michael Cox plays an ALTUS 1807AL

Michael Cox is one of Britain’s foremost flute-players. Although born in England he spent his childhood in Africa. He studied music at the Zimbabwe College of Music and then the Royal College of Music in London. Early competitive successes led directly to a solo career that has included concerts and recordings in all continents and performances with major orchestras and conductors. As a chamber musician he has performed with many well known British quartets, quintets and ensembles (and worked alongside musicians of the ilk of James Galway and Murray Perahia) as well as being a member, at various times, of the Haffner and Albion wind ensembles, London Symphony Chamber Players and London Sinfonietta.

A passionate and highly dedicated teacher, Michael Cox is professor of flute at the Royal Academy of Music in London and is sought after as a visiting consultant and by students worldwide. In addition he has also given his unique curricular flute course internationally, most recently at the Oxford Flute Course, UK, and in Adelaide, Australia.

"The stand out quality about my Altus flute which I find very hard to replicate in any other flute is, that it marries a wonderful warm depth of sound and a ringing clarity with a truly extraordinary tonal flexibility. It has a veritable encyclopedia of available tone colours which are fascinating to explore but at the same time the flute plays incredibly easily, well and reliably."