Altus Flutes

The body

Soldered Tubes

Since at that time the machinery did not yet exist for the manufacture of drawn tubes, soldered tubes were used right from the very beginning of the manufacture of metal flutes. Since they are easier and therefore cheaper to manufacture, most flutes these days are made with drawn tubes. Nevertheless, tubes made in the traditional manner have different qualities such that to-day it is once more worth incurring the costs and difficulties of manufacturing soldered tubes. There are ALTUS flute models made from both drawn and from soldered tubes.

Sound qualities:
Instruments with soldered tubes have a powerful dynamic expressiveness and a rich range of tonal colours. Its harmonic richness also enables a high tonal carrying capacity

Sinterized tubing

Made from 997 powdered silver compacted at a high temperature to fuse the particles together into a rigid tube. This produces adense and brillant hard tubing with supreme projecting qualities - a silver made possible only through innovative technology.

Soldered and Drawn Tone Holes

The first manufactured metal flutes were made with soldered tone holes, because of the lack of machines, that could draw the holes out of the tubing of the flute. Nowadays, most flutes are manufactured with drawn tone holes because the manufacturing process is much easier and cheaper.

However soldered tone holes provide the flute with an even scale (due to the even thickness of the tube), a more powerful sound projection and a more colourful spectrum of over tones. Drawn tone holes on the other hand account for a brighter sound, less resistance as well as a clear response.