Altus Flutes


Head-joint and body are made out of Sterling silver (925). A silver coating is added on the body and the mechanism. The TS flutes have drawn tone holes and French pointed arms.
The ALTUS TS flutes are available in three variations: AS-TSE with closed holes, AS-TSER with open holes and AS-TSERB with open holes and B-foot.

ALTUS flute

The German wind instrument magazine SONIC about the ALTUS TS:

The ALTUS TS is a perfectly handcrafted solid silver flute. Talking about intonation it is one of the best instruments you can get on the market. The flute comes with a head-joint which makes it easy to produce a stable and shining tone. (…) The Z-cut head-joint meets the expectations of amateur musicians, who want to purchase a really good instrument.

G#-lever, E-mechanism
  • Head-joint - Sterling silver (928), Z-Cut
  • Alternatively with S-Cut or Z-Cut head joint
  • Body - Sterling silver (925)
  • Mechanism - Sterling silver (925)
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Steel springs
  • French pointed arms

Available with:

  • S- or Z-Cut head-joint
  • C- or B-foot
  • closed or open holes
  • inline or offset