Altus Flutes

ALTUS 1007

Due to its nickel silver mechanism, this instrument offers the typical sound of a full silver flute but still remains in the low-cost range. The ALTUS 1007 has a wide overtone spectrum, an easy response and markedly uniform playability in all registers.

ALTUS flute
G#-lever, E-mechanism
  • 925 sterling silver head-joint and body
  • Alternatively with S-Cut or Z-Cut head joint
  • silver plated nickelsilver mechanism
  • drawn toneholes
  • special soldered C#-tonehole riser
  • stainless steel springs
  • pitch 442 Hz


Available with:

  • S- or Z-Cut head-joint
  • C- or B-foot
  • closed or open holes
  • inline or offset