Altus Flutes

Standard Series

Through the careful selection of materials and the Altus dedication to handmade craftsmanship, the Standard Series achieves an unparalleled balance between performance quality and affordability.

Standard Series flutes feature handmade silver-plated mechanisms well-known for their hardness, strength and durability without sacrificing exceptional fluidity and feel. The extruded body tubes maintain a standard thickness and include drawn tones holes and the Altus-Bennett scale.

Other standard features include stainless steel springs and French-pointed keys, Each flute comes in a French style leatherette covered wood case with a zippered, fleece lined cover and a shoulder strap.

The entirely hand-carved Altus basic model made out of silver-plated nickel silver.

This instrument manufactured out of a 925 Sterling silver tube offers the expansive sound of a full silver flute.

Solid silver flute made out of 925 Sterling silver The ALTUS "TS" is a hand-made solid-silver flute (Sterling silver) with a solid-silver mechanism.

The popular flute for the advanced player with a 958 Britannia silver head-joint.

An ALTUS model manufactured out of a 958 Britannia silver tube with the versatile sound typical of ALTUS.