Altus Flutes


997 ALTUS Pure Silver is currently the purest silver used in flute manufacture. In addition, ALTUS is the only flute maker to manufacture instruments from this material. In contrast to the ALTUS “PSD” – Model 1407, the tonehole risers of the new ALTUS “PS” – Model are soldered on. This results in far greater purity and clarity of sound, the instrument has high tonal flexibility, it is homogeneous across the whole gamut, and the enormous projection capacity across all registers will certainly not remain unnoticed. A truly masterful instrument, made by an artist for artists.

ALTUS flute
G#-lever, E-mechanism
  • 997 ALTUS Pure Silver head-joint and body
  • S-Cut headjoint
  • 925 sterling silver mechanism
  • soldered toneholes
  • special soldered C#-tonehole riser
  • SP-1 springs
  • pitch either 442 Hz or 445 Hz


Further finishes and options available on request

Available with:

  • C- or B-foot
  • closed or open holes
  • inline or offset