Altus Flutes


This very special flute made out of ALTUS Silver and a brazed tube revives the legendary sound of the French Louis Lot flutes. Louis Lot, one of the best-known French flute makers, used a unique material in the manufacturing of his instruments. The composition remained a secret for decades. ALTUS-Founder Shuichi Tanaka disclosed this secret and several more of a generation of flute makers, to whose instruments the ALTUS “AL” harks back. Just like the vintage instruments, the ALTUS “AL” is also made out of a brazed tube. The respect ALTUS pays to these masters of their art rings in every tone of this instrument. This flute is another example of ALTUS’ capability of manufacturing instruments that far surpass that which is possible with conventional materials. A high point of the art of flute manufacture.

ALTUS flute
G#-lever, E-mechanism
  • ALTUS Silver head-joint and body made of a hard seamed tube
  • S-Cut headjoint
  • 925 sterling silver mechanism
  • soldered toneholes
  • special soldered C#-tonehole riser
  • SP-1 springs
  • pitch either 442 Hz or 445 Hz


Available with:

  • C- or B-foot
  • closed or open holes
  • inline or offset