Altus Flutes

ALTUS 14 and 18 carat gold flutes

Due to the high density of this precious metal, ALTUS gold flutes have a particularly expansive sound and the dark, warm tone colour typical of gold. A transverse flute made out of massive gold offers the player a darker and warmer tone and, due to the even higher density of this precious metal, an enormous carrying capacity even in large concert halls. The still high proportion of silver in the alloy of a 14 carat gold flute results in a warm and yet shimmering and brilliant sound. 18 carat gold flutes offer typical softness and richness in sound as well as superb quality when slurring.

ALTUS flute
G#-lever, E-mechanism

Models with drawn tone hole risers:
ALTUS 5207 / 7207

  • 14 / 18 carat gold head-joint and body
  • 925 Sterling silver mechanism
  • S-Cut headjoint


Available with:

  • C- or B-foot
  • closed or open holes
  • inline or offset

All models are equipped with custom-soldered C# tone hole risers and SP-1 springs and are available in tuning of either 442 hertz or 445 hertz.
Not all models are available at all times. On request, all models can be supplied on order after a given waiting period.