Altus Flutes

ALTUS Series 1000

A magnificent alto transverse flute with outstanding resonance and top-quality tonal characteristics. The instrument offers an easy response and markedly uniform playability in all registers. The intonation is excellent, and the solid handicraft reveals itself clearly in the richness of tonal colours and in the instrument’s expressive articulation possibilities.

ALTUS flute
ALTUS flute
G#-lever, E-mechanism
  • 925 sterling silver head-joint and body
  • silver plated nickelsilver mechanism
  • drawn toneholes
  • special soldered C#-tonehole riser
  • stainless steel springs
  • pitch 442 Hz


ALTUS 1017
Straight head-joint for well-balanced playability

ALTUS 1019
Curved head-joint for more playing comfort

ALTUS 1021
Straight and curved head-joint for ensembles, orchestras and institutions

ALTUS 1025
Straight head-joint with “ALTUS Design” mechanism

Not all models are available at all times. On request, all models can be supplied on order after a given waiting period.