Altus Flutes

Harmony Series

ALTUS Harmony flutes offer many qualities not generally found in other flutes. Specifically designed for either the soloist or ensemble player, the Altus Harmony collection provides the most ergonomic finger position and accurate intonation for ease of expression and rich tonal color.

Features include hand cut embouchure holes, hand soldered C# tone holes, drawn tone holes, mother of pearl buttons on key extensions, French pointed arms, and stainless steel springs. Trill keys and Split E mechanisms are included on all ALTUS Harmony flutes.

The ALTUS basic model alto flute, entirely hand-carved out of silver-plated nickel silver with full silver lip plate and embouchure tonehole riser.

This alto flute model with its expansive sound, owing to the full silver tube, meets all sophisticated standards.

The most popular alto flute model with a 925 Sterling silver head-joint.

The ALTUS 823 bass flute is an entirely hand-carved instrument meeting the highest demands on response, intonation and quality of sound.