Altus Flutes
World famous handmade flutes

About Altus

Since many years the ALTUS Company, founded by Shuichi Tanaka, produces handmade flutes in the town of Azumino in Japan.

ALTUS is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to alloying and new ways of construction. The flute is looked upon as a piece of art, and ALTUS is relying on the European tradition of flute craftsmanship (Lot and Boehm).

ALTUS Handmade Flutes are outstanding instruments due to their precise intonation, the exact mechanics and most of all the richness of tones. People around the world who play ALTUS always emphasize these aspects.

The australian ALTUS-artist Ana de la Vega is following Bach´s traces to places where the legendary composer has lived and worked.
A documentary with...

Denis Bouriakov in Vienna!

June 29th / 30th 2021 - Arnold Schönberg Center