Have you heard of AZUMI?

AZUMI flutes provide flute teachers and non-professional flutists with a range of instruments that individually facilitate maximum musical progress and thus generate motivation and success in teaching and learning. 

AZUMI has become the established benchmark for exceptional quality in the flute market through continual development and innovation as well as through technical perfection and craftsmanship. Continual quality checks undertaken by ALTUS Handmade Flutes guarantee AZUMI’s continuing high standard of workmanship.

AZUMI flutes of the S-Cut and Z-Cut-Series

The desire to create the perfect range of instruments for non-professional flutists provoked Shuichi Tanaka, founder of ALTUS Handmade Flutes, to offer machine constructed flutes with professional handmade headjoints. 

The choice of two specially designed lipplate cuts, Z-Cut or S-Cut, give flutists the opportunity to select a flute tailored to their abilities and preferences, thus accelerating their musical progress.

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